The Garrison Mill Science Fair is a wonderful way for elementary aged students to participate in and experience a scientific project. Each project must consist of a student-led scientific investigation following accepted scientific methods. The six top-place projects from Garrison Mill will be accepted to the Cobb-Paulding District Science Fair. 
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 Science Rocks!

Help Us Keep the Science Lab!

Many employers will match gifts to the Foundation.


 While the suggested donation is $150 per student, any amount will have a lasting impact on GME students.


Deadline for cow & CFA card: 8/31/18


*All donors receive a GMEF magnet!


 *Donations received by 8/31/18 are entered to win a parking spot for a month and free birthday message on the NEW marquee.


$150: Receive one cow and one CFA Kids Meal Card (for every $150 donated) in the cow drop at Greyhound Night for a chance to win Chick-fil-A for one year.      


$500+: Receive a bonus cow (4 cows total) and entered to win one free FEAST Club.        


$1000+: Science Lab Sponsor (name on NEW marquee, name on wall outside of lab, recognition on Facebook and website.


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PTA & Education Foundation

Working together towards the same goal!

The best for Garrison Mill!   


Purpose of the Foundation?

To support Garrison Mill's efforts towards STEM Certification. This effort includes fully funding two science teachers as well as our science lab.

Purpose of the PTA? 

Encourages parent and family connections with the school to improve the lives and education of students.  


GMEF Provides:

  • Science Instructor salary, including benefits and insurance, set by Cobb County (~$69,000)
  • Science Lab supplies
  • School Garden/Outdoor Learning Space
  • Teacher Training & Certifications
  • Computer Lab supplies
  • Educational technology, equipment and materials
  • Enriching educational opportunities after school every day (FEAST)


PTA Provides:
  • Provides over $10,000 in grants to staff and teachers for supplies needed throughout the year.
  • Paper, weekly readers, habitat days, media center supplies, and staff training.
  • Programs for Garrison Mill Elementary children and parents through cultural arts presentations, community outreach, literacy, and the PTA Reflections program
  • Fun activities for families and students such as spring fling, activity nights, Friends & Family Luncheon, school dance, and talent show.
  • Support for the faculty and staff by providing media center volunteers, and front desk helpers. 


How does the Foundation raise funds? 

  • August Fundraising drive
  • Family donations and employer matching programs
  • 10% of participation fees from FEAST
  • Business Sponsorships


How does the PTA raise funds? 

  • Fall fundraising drive
  • Family donations
  • Spirit nights
  • Box Tops for Education


How can I volunteer with GMEF?

  • Join our Board
  • Help out in our school garden
  • Respond to volunteer requests


How can I volunteer with the PTA?  

  • Serve on one of the 40+ GM committees
  • Participate in GM PTA activities throughout the year


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Successful students make successful schools— which make thriving communities. Everyone benefits when you support students!

Many employers will match gifts to the Foundation.

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