Virtual Display Options




We will be using Microsoft PowerPoint to display our Science Fair Projects. 


You must choose 1 of the 3 available Options from the links below. 



Option 1             Option 2             Option 3



Open one of the Elementary Options above.  When the PowerPoint Opens, select < File < Download As < Download a copy OR select < File < Save a Copy < Save a Copy Online < Add your name to the end of the File Name Elementary Option 1 < Save to Another Folder (Make sure your OneDrive/Cloud is selected at this point…you don’t want to save in Lori Schulman’s Folder) < Select SAVE


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Raise Craze Fundraiser  July 28th - August 22nd
GMEF Board Meeting  Tuesday August 16th at 6:00pm
Greyhound Night Celebration  Friday August 26th
GMEF Board Meeting  Tuesday October 11th at 6:00pm
Movie Night  Friday October 21st 
STEAM Night  Thursday February 9th
GMEF Board Meeting  Tuesday March 7th at 6:00pm
Greyhound Gallop  Saturday March 11th 
GMEF Board Meeting  Tuesday May 16th at 6:00pm