The Foundation Board is comprised of hard-working Garrison Mill parents, school administrators, and teachers,who volunteer their time to raise money, allocate resources and determine future projects.  The Foundation is always looking for wonderful volunteers to help with our programs, events, fundraisers and more! 


If you are interested in joining the GMEF board or volunteering please email for more information. 








The GMEF Sponsorship Coordinator is responsible for communicating with the Business Sponsors at Garrison Mill. The coordinator will work with the Board Officers to set up the sponsorship program for each school year. Before the start of the school year the coordinator will email all current sponsors the updated information on how to renew their sponsorship with Garrison Mill. The coordinator will also reach out to any potential new sponsors encouraging them to become a sponsor. Throughout the school year the coordinator will implement all appropriate incentives that each Sponsor receives. The coordinator will also work with sponsors during certain school events when needed. Time commitment: July and August are typically about 2 hours a week as we get our Sponsors set for the year and then 2-3 hours a month for the rest of the school year.



The GMEF FEAST Coordinator is responsible for the organization of the FEAST program. Before the beginning of each semester the coordinator will work with the Officers and administration to set up the schedule for the FEAST classes. The coordinator will be the main point of contact with the FEAST instructors – communicating with them any necessary information. They will distribute a FEAST packet to families a couple weeks before the start of FEAST registration. The coordinator will gather the rosters for each class each semester and submit them to the front office secretary. Time commitment: primarily during the month proceeding and during FEAST enrollment for 2-3 hours a week. 



The GMEF STEAM Coordinator is responsible for assisting the board with the planning of Steam Night, Steam Days, Art Show and Math Night. The coordinator will communicate with the Science, Technology and Art teachers regarding those events and help with the promotion of the events. The coordinator will also communicate with the teachers regarding supplies they need for the Science Lab, Technology Lab and Art Room – help them with the approval process and reimbursement for the supplies. Time commitment: 2 hours a month



The GMEF Grounds coordinator is responsible for the routine monitoring of the garden, trail and outdoor classrooms. The coordinator will organize, coordinate and handle logistics regarding garden, trail and outdoor classroom maintenance at request of the Board Officers. They will also help with the monitoring of the Blooming Sponsor container gardens. The coordinator will organize and coordinate the volunteer groups that will be assisting during garden and trail clean-up days or special projects. Time commitment: 2-3 hours a month with additional time needed on clean-up/special project days.



Garrison Mill has many different academic events throughout the year including Science Fair, Science Olympiad, CRCT and Math Olympiad. The GMEF Academic Events Coordinator would communicate with the teachers involved and help with the organization of the events. The coordinator will work with the teachers to promote the events (flyers, Eblast, posts, etc.) as well as gather any supplies needed (i.e., awards). Time commitment: about 2 hours a month. The school Science Fair is an in-house event that would require some additional time around the date of the event.  



The GMEF Hospitality Coordinator is responsible for handling any supplies, food and/or beverages needed for events at the request of the Board Officers. Events included are Greyhound Night, STEAM Night, Math Night and Greyhound Gallop. The coordinator will deliver items needed for the event and may also be requested to help with set up and/or clean up at the event. Time commitment: 1-2 hours a month.


*All coordinator roles work closely with and under the guidance of the GMEF Board Officers. *




There are also many opportunities for individuals to be a volunteer throughout the year with the Foundation at different events and activities.  Including but not limited to Greyhound Night, Academic Events, Steam Night, Greyhound Gallop and garden and trail maintenance. If you are interested in helping during these activities, please let us know!




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Upcoming Events

Raise Craze Fundraiser  July 28th - August 22nd
GMEF Board Meeting  Tuesday August 16th at 6:00pm
Greyhound Night Celebration  Friday August 26th
GMEF Board Meeting  Tuesday October 11th at 6:00pm
Movie Night  Friday October 21st 
STEAM Night  Thursday February 9th
GMEF Board Meeting  Tuesday March 7th at 6:00pm
Greyhound Gallop  Saturday March 11th 
GMEF Board Meeting  Tuesday May 16th at 6:00pm